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Committee Composition

  Audit Nominating Corporate Governance Compensation Reserves
Floyd C. Wilson Chairman of the Board        
William J. Campbell   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Committee Chair for Compensation Committee  
James W. Christmas Lead Director Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Compensation Committee  
Lead Director

James W. Christmas has served as a director of Halcón since February 2012 and currently serves as Lead Independent Director, a position he has held since January 2015, as Chairman of the Audit Committee and as a member of the Compensation Committee. Mr. Christmas began serving as a director of Petrohawk Energy Corporation on July 12, 2006, effective upon the merger of KCS Energy, Inc. (“KCS”) into Petrohawk. He continued to serve as a director, and as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, for Petrohawk until BHP Billiton acquired all of Petrohawk in August 2011. He also served on the Audit Committee and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Mr. Christmas served as a member of the Board of Directors of Petrohawk, a wholly owned subsidiary of BHP Billiton, and as chair of the Financial Reporting Committee of such board until September 2014. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Tobin School of Business of St. John's University. Mr. Christmas serves as a director of Rice Energy, as chairman of its audit committee and a member of its compensation committee, and as a director and member of the audit committee and compensation committee of Yuma Energy. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of KCS from 1988 until April 2003 and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of KCS until its merger into Petrohawk. Mr. Christmas was a Certified Public Accountant in New York and was with Arthur Andersen & Co. from 1970 until 1978 before leaving to join National Utilities & Industries (“NUI”), a diversified energy company, as Vice President and Controller. He remained with NUI until 1988, when NUI spun out its unregulated activities that ultimately became part of KCS. As an auditor and audit manager, controller and in his role as CEO of KCS, Mr. Christmas was directly or indirectly responsible for financial reporting and compliance with SEC regulations, and as such has extensive experience in reviewing and evaluating financial reports, as well as in evaluating executive and board performance and in recruiting directors.

Michael L. Clark Member of Audit Committee Committee Chair for Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Member of Compensation Committee  
Thomas R. Fuller   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee   Committee Chair for Reserves Committee
Darryl L. Schall   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee    
Ronald D. Scott       Member of Reserves Committee
Eric G. Takaha Member of Audit Committee      
Nathan W. Walton       Member of Reserves Committee
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