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Committee Composition

  Audit Nominating Corporate Governance Compensation Reserves
Floyd C. Wilson Chairman of the Board        
William J. Campbell   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Committee Chair for Compensation Committee  
James W. Christmas Lead Director Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Compensation Committee  
Michael L. Clark Member of Audit Committee Committee Chair for Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Member of Compensation Committee  
Thomas R. Fuller   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee   Committee Chair for Reserves Committee

Thomas R. Fuller has served as a director since February 2012 and currently serves as Chairman of the Reserves Committee and as a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. . Mr. Fuller served as a director at Petrohawk Energy Corporation from March 6, 2006 until BHP Billiton acquired Petrohawk in August 2011. Mr. Fuller served on Petrohawk’s Reserves Committee and was the Chairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Since December 1988, Mr. Fuller has been a principal of Diverse Energy Management Co. (or related “Diverse” companies), a private upstream acquisition, drilling and production company which also invests in other energy related companies. Mr. Fuller has earned degrees from the University of Wyoming and the Louisiana State University School of Banking of the South and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas. He has 48 years of experience as a petroleum engineer, specializing in economic and reserves evaluation. He has served as an employee, officer, partner or director of various companies, including ExxonMobil, First City National Bank, Hillin Oil Co., Diverse Energy Management Co. and Rimco Royalty Partners. In February 2015, Mr. Fuller became a director of Azure Midstream Partners LP, a public company traded on NASDAQ, and serves as a member of its Audit Committee. Mr. Fuller also serves as a director of privately held Azure Midstream Holdings. Mr. Fuller also has extensive experience in energy related merger and acquisition transactions, having generated and closed over 90 producing property acquisitions during his career. As a primary lending officer to many independent energy companies, Mr. Fuller has extensive experience in analyzing and evaluating financial, business and operational strategies for energy companies.

Darryl L. Schall   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee    
Ronald D. Scott       Member of Reserves Committee
Eric G. Takaha Member of Audit Committee      
Nathan W. Walton       Member of Reserves Committee
Chair of the Board = Chair of the Board  Lead Director = Lead Director Committee Chair = Chair Committee Member = Member