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Committee Composition

  Audit Nominating Corporate Governance Compensation Reserves
Floyd C. Wilson Chairman of the Board        
Sylvia K. Barnes Member of Audit Committee     Member of Reserves Committee
William J. Campbell   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Committee Chair for Compensation Committee  
James W. Christmas Lead Director Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Compensation Committee  
Michael L. Clark   Committee Chair for Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Member of Compensation Committee  
Thomas R. Fuller   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee   Committee Chair for Reserves Committee
Darryl L. Schall   Member of Nominating Corporate Governance Committee   Member of Reserves Committee
Ronald D. Scott       Member of Reserves Committee

Ronald D. Scott has served as a director of Halcón since September 2016 and currently serves as a member of the Reserves Committee. Mr. Scott has over thirty years oil and gas industry experience. Mr. Scott is a director of Clayton Williams Energy, Inc., a public traded energy firm.  In addition, Mr. Scott serves as a director of Blackbrush Oil and Gas, Verdad Resources and Pardus Oil and Gas, all privately held energy companies.  Mr. Scott is the Chief Executive Officer of Development Capital Resources . Previously, Mr. Scott served as President and CEO of True Oil Company, a private equity backed oil and gas firm. Prior to True Oil he worked for Henry Petroleum as President and Chief Operating Officer of that company and its successor companies, Henry Resources and HPC Energy. During this time, Mr. Scott successfully led the sale and re-start of multiple operating oil and gas entities. Beginning his career with Exxon Corporation, from 1983 to 1995, Mr. Scott held various supervisory and managerial assignments in Engineering, Operations, Planning and Financial Accounting and Reporting. In addition to the Permian Basin, he had assignments covering operational areas in the Gulf Coast/Gulf of Mexico region, California and the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Scott was the Technical Manager for Exxon’s multi-billion dollar onshore operations in the Western United States and prior to joining Henry Petroleum. Mr. Scott serves as Vice President of the Board of the Henry Foundation and as a founding board member of Educate Midland, a non-profit focused on public education. Mr. Scott holds Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Engineering from New Mexico State University and is a Registered Petroleum Engineer in the State of Texas.

Eric G. Takaha Member of Audit Committee      
Nathan W. Walton        
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